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Straight Ahead The Future

What does it mean to carry on?

A collection of stories and experiences from people from all areas of the globe. Through the pitfalls and triumphs we are on a one way street that society is embarking an enormous structural change, a revolution from an industrial society to a communication driven society. This change overwhelms people. The rate of technological and social change is accelerating faster with each passing year. Being disconnected and suffering from stress and disorientation as a result of fear of the future.

Despite this, to understand that a new era of customization is bringing a variety to human choice, a kind of freedom which might in another sense take away freedom. Whereas there are drawbacks to information / communication age of information there are also advantages. The media and technology torrents have come but humans and the future seem to always have a way of adapting to its advantage.

Where there is isolation, there is also connection. People of common interests find each other. Technology can exist as support.

Straight ahead, the future!

Stay tuned...